1920s Women’s Hairstyles

A popular 1920s women’s hairstyle was the finger wave. These waves were often done on short hair close to the head. These styles are still very popular today. Here are some tips for creating these styles. In addition, check out our guide to the Eton Crop. You will feel just as sultry as the women of the era! So, get ready for some inspiration! Read on to learn how to create the 1920s women’s hairstyle you’ve always wanted!

1920s Women’s Hairstyles

Eton Crop

If you’re planning to wear your hair in a 1920s style, you’ll want to experiment with different styles. Whether your hair is long or short, a 1920s hairstyle will look wonderful on you. A chignon is a traditional updo that adds romantic charm to any look. It creates glossy waves and ends in a bun. This style is a favorite of brides, as it accentuates the beauty of long hair.

Eton Crop Hairstyles

Curls were another popular style of the 1920s. This style was known as a Marcel Wave and was created by inserting hot curling tongs into the hair. Josephine Baker is perhaps the most famous person to wear a Marcel wave. If you have short hair, you can still get a retro look by puffing it or creating a low bun. This style is a great way to add volume without adding bulk.

The Eton Crop was one of the shortest hairstyles of the 1920s. This hairstyle was modeled after the mandatory boys’ hairstyles at the prestigious Eton Preparatory School. It was often styled with a black helmet and a mass of red hair. In addition, henna was also used to dye hair in this period, and this boosted sales of the product.

Eton Crop With Bangs

In the 1920s, women’s hairstyles were mostly short and simple, like the Eton crop. This cut, derived from a short men’s hairstyle, was considered boyish. It was a classic cut that was easy to maintain thanks to the use of Brilliantine, a hairspray that gave the cut lasting power and shine. The crop’s kiss curls added soft femininity and made it practical to wear with a cloche hat.

Eton Crop With Bangs

The Eton Crop was a short and dramatic cut that featured pasted-down kiss curls on the cheek. While it was deemed less feminine than the Marcel wave, it was an incredibly bold move from previous decades. It exposed the ears and more of the head, which worked well with a cloche hat. Regardless of the style, it was easy to find inspiration for a new look today!

In the 1920s, the Eton crop was a style that was both rebellious and practical. This style involved cutting flowing hair to the ground, akin to men’s sideburns, and included a short twist in the front and crown. Many women found that the crop added a little bit of femininity to an otherwise edgy look.

Tight Pin Curls

This beautiful, vintage-styled hairstyle is a throwback to the period’s 1920s heyday. This hairstyle emphasizes tight pin curls that run the length of the head. Mid-head and fringe hair should be curled, while the rest should be combed to the back. This hairstyle works with any outfit or occasion. It was popular among flappers.

In addition to the hairstyles based on the Twenties, you can also try this style for the 20s. You should have long hair for this style, and you should use a medium-hold hairspray for the final results. Make sure to leave enough space between the back and the braided hair so that it doesn’t snag on the pin curls.

The 1920s’ Tight Pin Curls

These vintage styles are not always easy to achieve, but the effect is stunning and incredibly feminine. Whether you’re going for a formal or an evening out, you’ll feel like a princess. Tight pin curls are not only beautiful, but they’ll also help you create an extra special look. This hairstyle is a favorite among brides because it highlights beautiful locks of hair and soft sections of the head.

The hairstyles of the ’20s are still very relevant today. You can try these styles for yourself without spending a fortune on historical hairstyles. Just be sure to find the right hairstyle and accessories. The style is incredibly versatile, so you can use it for any occasion. You will not regret it! So try it out and enjoy the era’s best hairstyles!

Chignon Cut

One of the most popular hairstyles of the 1920s was the side part curly style. You can easily recreate this style with long, wavy hair. After blow-drying it to a soft texture, comb it sideways to the left side of your head. Rest of the front view hair should rest to the right side. If you have curly hair, you can easily achieve this style by combing it in a way that creates a soft curl on both sides of your head. The side part curly hairstyle is suitable for all types of hair, whether it is short or long.

The 1920s’ Chignon Cut Hairstyles

The shingle hairstyle was another popular style from the 1920s. It featured a sleek bob, finished with two curls swept forward and on the cheeks. The shingle hairstyle was often smoothed out with Brilliantine to achieve the look. The neckline of the shingle style was well defined. The hair was shaved to a curved or tapered shape, and the hair was worn with grips or slides to maintain the style.

To make the short hairstyles more versatile, you can opt for a bob or a braided look. The 1920s were a period of freedom from victorian constraint. The day after curls look is perfect for this style, and it also looks great in many different styles. You can also try your hand at the 1920s chignon. This classic updo creates glossy waves and ends in a bun.

Straight Bobs With Bangs

The bob style was popular among younger women in the mid-twentieth century, and by the end of the decade, it was nearly universal. In the 1920s, bobs were usually about chin-length, with bangs and a center or side part. Women wore everything from a razor-straight bob to dramatic finger waves. These styles were likely shaped with a comb, fingers, or metal duck-billed clips.

Short bobs were popular among women in the 1920s, and flapper girls were the first to wear them. They were also fashionable, and many influential women sported these styles. While the bob remained a popular style throughout the decades, it has also become an easy and versatile style to recreate today. If you have thick, wavy hair, you can still wear a straight bob with bangs.

The 1920s’ Straight Bobs With Bangs Hairstyles

These styles are not the easiest to create, but they can be a beautiful look. You don’t need long hair in order to create this look, and you can make it edgy or romantic. You can even add a designer headband to complete the look! Once you’ve learned how to do this hairstyle, you’ll be on your way to a glamorous 1920s hairstyle.

While the bob style was very popular, it didn’t appear in mainstream society until actress Irene Castle first lobbed her hair off for practical reasons. By the time the bob was more widespread, it had become a symbol of women’s freedom and a departure from traditional standards and values. By the 1920s, women embraced the bob style as a way to express their individuality.

Roll-Up Hairstyle

A popular flapper hairstyle from the 1920s is the roll-up. The flapper hairstyle is one that is quite easy to achieve and is very popular today. If you are a woman who naturally has a glam personality, this style will suit you just fine. You can try this style out by wearing sleek marcel waves and curls at the root. You can even use a glam hair accessory like Vicious by R+Co to get the look.

The 1920s’ Roll-up Hairstyles

If you want to look glamorous in a roll-up, you can get your fringe hair teased with finger waves. These curls are combed towards the forehead and both sides. Your hair should be parted in two sections and finger curled. For added elegance, you can go with a rose or other decorations. If you have long hair, you can opt for this style. The hairstyle should be very shiny and loose.

While roll-up hairstyles are not the easiest styles to create, they are definitely the most elegant and glamorous. They are ideal for a night out on the town with your best girlfriends. These styles can be worn with a headband, too. Despite their age-old glamour, 1920s women’s roll-up hairstyle is also incredibly fashionable and can easily be carried into the 21st century with a little creativity and imagination.


What Did Francois Marcel Contribute To 1920s Women’s Hairstyles?

During the 1920s, many women wore hairstyles inspired by French hairstylist Francois Marcel. One of these styles was called Marcel waving and was created using a hot iron. Marcel waves were defined by their waves and were framed by bobby pins. Women of the time loved these styles, and they were a great way to keep up with fashion’s radicalism while still maintaining a feminine look.

What Was The Most Popular Hairstyle In The 1920s?

The most popular hairstyles of the 1920s were short and sleek, often accompanied by a side part. Short hair was seen as sexy and fresh. Many of these hairstyles can be achieved at home without the use of scissors. The classic 1920s chignon is an example of a short, sleek style that creates glossy waves. The side part of this style is often finished with kiss curls.

How To Do 1920s Hairstyles For Long Hair?

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do 1920s hairstyles for long hair, then you’ve come to the right place. This period style features sleek, wavy locks pinned back with a rope braid. The sides of the braid are pulled up and rolled like a bun. They’re then decorated with a rose. These hairstyles are typically incredibly shiny and are easy to recreate.

What Hairstyles Were Popular In The 1920s?

The 1920s saw many women wear short, sleek hairstyles. Short bobs with a slight curl around the face were extremely popular. Women also wore hair up in a sleek, low chignon. Many of these styles were also very popular in the 1930s and 1940s. These styles, however, were not for everyone.

How To Do 1920s Women’s Hairstyles?

Whether you have long or short hair, there are many ways to get 1920s-inspired hairstyles. There are variations of the bob, as well as finger waves and faux bobs.