Braided Hairstyles For Men

Braided hairstyles for men come in a variety of styles. Long braids are considered to be an expression of strength and sagacity. To create this style, men should have at least three inches of long hair. However, you can go longer if you want to create a full head of braids. You can also trim … Read more

Honey Blonde Hair For Men

Men can sport a honey blonde hair color for several reasons. It can enhance their overall look and is very masculine. Men can also go for highlights in honey blonde color or dreadlocks. If you’re a man who wants to stand out from the crowd, this is a great color choice. It’s a trend that … Read more

Sandy Blonde Hair For Men

If you’re a man, sandy blonde hair is a great choice for your look. It’s easy to grow and maintain and will look great in a variety of settings. If you’re unsure of how to get sandy blonde hair, here are a few simple tips. Sandy Blonde Short Hair Sandy Blonde is the perfect summer … Read more

Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas For Men

Ash blonde hair color is an understated and effortless look. It is a variation of the classic blonde. Ash blonde is a lighter version that is much easier to maintain. You can find ideas for light or dark ash blonde hair on the internet. You can even use ash blonde hair dye. Light Ash Blonde … Read more

Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas For Men

If you’re a guy with blue eyes, consider dark blonde hair color. This color will bring out your eyes. Alternatively, you can go for a dark blonde with a hint of copper. This color is best for men with fair to medium skin with warm undertones. It also works well with fine to medium textured … Read more

Platinum Blonde Hair On Men

Men can go platinum blonde hair or try highlights, depending on their preferences. Some men opt for full platinum blonde, while others prefer highlights and a dark color that is blended with platinum blonde. Men can also go for either long or short hairstyles. Some men even choose to dye their hair naturally, with their … Read more

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas For Men

Dirty blonde hair color is a great intermediate shade of blonde. This shade is a mix of brown and blonde hues. The shade is a perfect balance of the two. It’s very flattering for men and can add a cool edge to any look. Dirty Blonde Hair Color For Short Hair Dirty blonde hair color … Read more

Men’s Blonde Hair Color Ideas

For men, there are many options available for blonde hair. There are many different shades of blonde, and you may want to choose a shade that compliments your skin tone and style. Some popular hair colors for men include dirty blonde and platinum blonde. Ash blonde is another great option for men. Dirty Blonde Hair … Read more

Grey Hair Color Ideas For Men

Grey Hair Color, If you are a man who wants to keep your hair looking young, grey hair is not the end of the world. You can try different shades of gray to enhance your look. You can choose from dark grey to ash grey. You can also try brown and grey hair or even … Read more

Beard Styles For Men – More Attractive Beard Styles

Beard Styles, If you are thinking of growing a beard, there are many different styles you can choose. Depending on the length of your beard, you can go for a short style, a medium style, or a long style. These styles all feature different styles of facial hair and require different maintenance. Short Beard Styles … Read more