Curly Red Hair Ideas For Long Hair

If you have long, wavy, curly red hair, you’re in luck! These styles will enhance the beauty of your hair while adding a little fun to your day! Here are some curly red hair ideas for long hair that will turn heads! Whether you’re a Natural redhead or a burgundy or aubergine color, there’s a style out there to fit your personality!

Natural Redhead

If you have long red hair, you may want to try one of these hairstyles. You can wear your hair up or down, straight or curly, depending on the style you choose. Listed below are a few ideas to try on your natural redhead hair. Hopefully, one of these ideas will inspire you to try something new. And if you don’t have time to get a professional haircut, you can always experiment with a hairstyle that is easy to achieve.

Natural Curly Redhead

Amy Adams has long, luscious red hair that is layered through the ends. This layered look emphasizes the density of the red hair without making it feel heavy. Ahna O’Reilly is another actress with amazing red hair. Her summer dress sets a carefree mood and her nonchalant red pony creates a flirty, carefree look. You can also try a more subtle style, like a bun.

Light Burgundy

Burgundy is a rich, deep color that can be used to accentuate various texture types and lengths. It enhances curls and looks equally beautiful when worn straight. However, this shade of hair requires special care and maintenance as it is highly susceptible to split ends and frizz. If you want to get the best look from this hair color, avoid over-processing it and opt for natural styling methods.

Light Burgundy

For a more dramatic finish, you can combine burgundy with pink highlights. This color combination will add a beautiful contrast in your hair, and is great for anyone who is looking for a way to update their style. The intensity of the effect depends on how many highlights you apply to your hair. Different shades of blonde also have different appeals, so it’s important to seek professional advice when trying out this look.

Dark Burgundy

If you have long, dark, or curly reddish hair, you can make an impressive first impression by sporting this color. The burgundy shade is a classic red hair color that always looks fabulous. It’s characterized by its perfect waves that lie in the perfect dimension across the length of your hair. It’s best worn on long or medium-length hair. It’s not just for teenagers, though. Even older women can pull off a burgundy hairstyle.

Dark Burgundy

If you have dark red hair, you may want to consider using highlights to bring out the color’s radiance. Dark red is not always the most flattering color for all skin tones, and adding highlights can make it look even more beautiful. A light red or ombre effect can work wonders for this hair color. To achieve a subtle ombre effect, consider adding highlights to your red hair.


Those with pale skin can opt for aubergine for their long hair color. It’s a deep eggplant shade with red ends. However, those with warm complexions can wear aubergine as well, if their hair color is already dark. Also, it can be worn by those with dark locks that have a touch of red. Here are a few more aubergine hair color ideas to inspire you.

Aubergine Hair

The best shade of red is the one that compliments the skin tone of the person wearing it. Aubergine can look beautiful on a person with warm skin, but it can make a face appear sallow. A lighter shade of red is better for people with cool skin. If your skin tone is cool, then aubergine will look fantastic on you. Alternatively, aubergine is also good for people with cool skin.


If you’ve always wanted to wear copper hair, now is your chance! Try ombre copper hair for a hot, sultry look. You’ll find that copper gives your hair a vibrant copper tone at the ends while the rest of the hair remains a deep, mellow red. It’s a bold color that’s bound to turn heads, but it’s also easy to maintain and can be great for brunettes or women with cool skin tones.

Copper Hair

Those with red hair should consider the side-swept ‘do. This ‘do is very appropriate for an elegant redhead, as long as it’s clean-cut and styled properly. Redheads have a unique combination of green eyes and red hair, and an undercut will add style and class to the style. Another hairstyle for red hair is a man bun. This style is great for adding a little extra dimension to your long copper locks.

Cropped Bangs

Cute and easy-to-manage bangs for curly red hair are the best way to spice up your look this season. These trendy haircuts are great for curly red hair, which can be challenging to cut. For a smooth transition, consider having your hairstylist work on it while it is dry. This will help the curls hold their length. Also, you can incorporate current color trends by wearing razor bangs with a blond or dirty blonde shade.

Cropped Bangs

To create this look, choose a style that matches your hair’s texture. To make your bangs look a little choppy, you can use a product like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray to add grit to your curls. Another great way to get the look is to wear protective braids. Lupita Nyong’o does an excellent job demonstrating how to braid bangs with protective braids.

Side Locks

A classic side part and a cute bun are two fun ways to wear your red hair. A messy bun has a naive, rustic flair and works well for long hair. Sondra Currie is a natural redhead with curly copper locks that accentuate her blue eyes. This hairstyle is incredibly low maintenance, too, and is sure to be a hit this fall. If you want to try a new style this fall, check out these curly red hair ideas for long hair!

Side Locks

If you have long, wavy hair, you can copy the look of these ’60s beauties by parting your hair on the side. Next, add a few red highlights to your hair, and curl it from ear length down. Tuck the fringe to one side, and you’ll have a pretty, glamorous style. For extra appeal, add a contrasting strand of hair in the middle and add a side part for a more dramatic effect.


There are several ways to create a messy half-up/half-down style for curly red hair. First, use a backcomb to lift and add volume to low-lying areas of the hair. Next, apply a generous layer of texturizer to all of your locks, then add a statement-making accessory. Depending on your face shape, a bun might look awkward, or it may be a perfect fit for a night out.

Red Buns

For a more casual look, you can opt for a messy bun. This type of bun can look fabulous when accessorized with a red scarf with polka dots. This hairstyle will give you a glamorous and ravishing look, and it’s incredibly easy to create. If you’re unsure of your hairstyle skills, consider adding a little jam to your curly locks before tying them in a bun. This will improve the bounce of your curls and make them more defined.

Natural Wavy Curls

Achieve voluminous wavy curls with a few simple styling tricks. Unlike other wavy hairstyles, which feature waves and bends throughout the length of the hair, natural wavy curls look smooth and polished. They go with every style and look great on redheads, too. Use the following tips to achieve voluminous curls on long red hair:

Natural Wavy Curls

To achieve loose waves, start with damp hair. Use your index finger to roll the section away from your face and inwards. If your hair is longer, loop it twice around your finger. Use a flexible hold gel to hold the curls in place. You can also use a duckbill or darby clip to secure the curls. Make sure you spritz a texturizing spray on your hair before attempting to tame natural wavy curls for long red hair

Short Asymmetrical Waves

Asymmetrical haircuts are a fun way to add a bit of style to curly red hair. They can make your hair look wild or romantic. The style can be achieved in a variety of ways, including wearing it up or down. For example, you can create soft beach waves by parting your hair on one side. Using a medium-hold hairspray on the asymmetrical side will keep your tresses from getting frizzy. To add extra volume and curl to your tresses, you can use curly hair cream or moisturizer.

Short Asymmetrical Waves

If you have naturally black hair, you can opt for a dip-dyed style that shows the natural black hair underneath. This style is easy to maintain and does not require frequent touch-ups. A dip-dye look is also an excellent choice if you have naturally red hair. Short asymmetrical waves can give your hair a new look without much effort. These short red hairstyles are also suitable for those who have a bad hair day.


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