Cute Cheer Hairstyles – Most Popular Cheer Styles In 2022

Cute Cheer Hairstyles, In addition to many known styles, you can also opt for other types of cheer hairstyles. For instance, braids are a great alternative to ponytails, and can also add a stylish touch to your cheerleading look. You can make a single braid and tie it with a ribbon that matches your cheer uniform. You can also opt for a French braid. You can twist this basic braid into a topknot for a cute cheer hairstyle.

Cute Cheer Hairstyles


Pigtails are a fun and easy cheer hairstyle to pull off, and if you have a little girl, you can also use them to make your daughter look cute while she’s performing. Just remember to keep the top of her hair smooth and straight. Using a curling iron on the tail can give it more bounce. Using hairspray will also help you achieve the perfect pigtails for a cheerleading performance.

Pigtails are one of the cutest cheer hairstyles for girls. This style is simple to create, and will make your little girl look adorable! The trick to making these pigtails look perfect is to make sure they’re all the same height. Don’t wear your pigtails too high, or you’ll end up looking clumsy and childish. You can tie them with ribbons or use a curling iron to make them curly. Pigtails can also be braided to create a textured look.

Cute Pigtail Cheer Hairstyles

Pigtails can also be made to look like mini buns. There are so many different ways to wear these styles that can be flattering for both men and women. They go great with any ensemble and will make you look cute at the same time! There are even several ways to embellish pigtails – add highlights, flowers, pearls, or headbands! And don’t forget to show your team spirit!

High Ponytails

If you’re a cheerleader, high ponytails are a cute hairstyle for the cheerleading team. High ponytails are easy to create, and the best part is that they stay out of your face. Pigtails can be a traditional high pigtail on one side or a modern low ponytail on the other side. Another fun look is a zigzag partition or crisscrossing hair. To finish off the look, you can add hair accessories to match your cheer uniform.

A simple yet stylish way to wear a high ponytail is with a wrap of a strand of hair. To achieve this look, brush the hair smooth and tie it up. A bobby pin should be placed on the underside of the hair and secured with an elastic band. A bow can be added to the top for added flair. High ponytails can also be worn down to accentuate the neck or shoulders.

Cute High Ponytail Cheer Hairstyles

Cheerleading hairstyles can be extremely versatile. They can be anything from sleek to cute and crazy. Regardless of the look, cheerleaders should have perfect hair. The trick is finding one that looks great and doesn’t end up falling on your face. If you can master the art of creating the perfect hairstyle, your cheerleading career will be a definite success. Just remember to make it a point to try something new, and don’t forget to experiment.

Fishtail Braids

A simple fishtail braid is a classic cheer hairstyle. It’s easy to maintain and keeps your hair out of your face. A low or super-high pony can add some whimsy to your cheer hairstyle. A single braid can be twisted into a topknot to complete the look. And of course, there’s always the ever-popular fishtail braid. This cheer hairstyle is both simple and adorable.

To start a fishtail braid, part your hair into two sections. First, take a small section from one side and cross it over the left side. Add another small section to the right side, then the left side, and so on. Repeat these steps until you’ve braided all of your hair. You may want to use an elastic to secure the ends. To finish, you can pin on hair accessories or make your hairstyle more fun by adding colorful strands.

Cute Fishtail Braids Cheer Hairstyles

To make your fishtail braids look more beautiful, use different colors of braiding thread. A simple yellow braid is perfect for a school dance or a summer festival. The pink or blue fishtail braid is a favorite among cheerleaders. The rainbow color will add a festive flair to any hairstyle. You can even make your fishtail braids into a half-updo with an updo!


Whether your daughter is in a cheerleading squad, or you are a cheerleader yourself, there are several updos for cute cheer hairstyles. Ponytails are easy to manage and are great for keeping long hair out of your face. However, the position of your ponytail can vary based on how high or low you want your hair to be. If your daughter has short hair, a super high pony can be a fun option, or a low pony is a more modern look.

If your daughter is in a cheer squad, you might want to consider a braided updo. These are perfect for summer. Braided updos are easy to maintain and are a great way to show your team spirit. Whatever type of cheer hairstyle you choose, should match the cheer team’s apparel. Choose a high-quality team shirt, hat, and other apparel to complete your look.

Cute Updos Cheer Hairstyles

Another option for cheer hairstyles is a bun. The high ponytail keeps the hair out of the face and can be easily styled for games, pep rallies, or competitions. A matching elastic should be used to secure the hair, and a tail is wrapped around the base to form a topknot. A few bobby pins will complete the bun. A bow clip can be placed in the center.

Choppy Hairstyles

Choppy hairstyles are a great choice for a cute cheerleader style. Choppy hairstyles are incredibly easy to create, but they need to be the same height as the rest of the hair.

If your little girl is attending a cheer competition, choppy hairstyles will make her look more like a true cheerleader. If she has fine or thin hair, a choppy style will add volume and height. Choppy hairstyles will frame her face perfectly and are easy to create. You can learn how to make them yourself by checking out our gallery of choppy hairstyles for cute cheerleaders.

Cute Choppy Cheer Hairstyles

A messy ponytail is also a great option for a cheerleader. This simple hairstyle keeps the hair out of her face but is still modern and fun. Choose a super-high pony or a low pony if you want to play up your style a bit. Choppy hairstyles for cute cheer will add excitement to the cheerleading squad. You can wear them all year round, even if you’re going to a formal cheer competition.


There are many ways to achieve cute cheer hairstyles. One of the easiest is simple buns. You can also do a fake ponytail. To achieve this style, you can also use a curling iron. After applying the curling iron, you should twist the tail to add bounce. In addition, you can use a clip to secure your hair. Regardless of your choice, your hairstyle will look adorable.

Another cute cheer hairstyle is the ballerina bun. These hairstyles are easy to do and don’t require many hairpins. If you have naturally shiny hair, you can also try a bun without having to use any tools. For best results, try out a few different styles at home and then decide which one you like best. Don’t forget to leave your bangs free. This will give you a more stylish look.

Cute Bun Cheer Hairstyles

Younger cheerleaders can opt for pigtails with two high sections. Their hair can be curled or straight, and bows in the team colors can be added. This look will be easy to create and will look adorable on any cheerleader. This hairstyle requires no special styling, but it does require some time and patience. It’s definitely worth it for your cheerleading experience! So, how do you get the perfect cheer hairstyle?


What Are The Cute Cheer Hairstyles?

Most popular cute cheer hairstyles are pigtails, high ponytails, fishtail braids, updos, buns, and choppy hairstyles.