Gothic Victorian Hairstyles

If you’re looking for the perfect gothic victorian hairstyle, backcombing is the way to go. This hairstyle is hugely popular and has massive results. Backcombing is one of the biggest trends in gothic hairstyles, so make sure to give this a try! Below are some tips to create your gothic Victorian hairstyle. Just remember, you can make your hairstyle a bit more feminine or more masculine depending on your hair type.

Gothic Victorian Hairstyles

Victorian Updos

If you want to be a pin-up girl this Halloween, you can try one of the many Gothic Victorian hairstyles, which include updos and updos. This century’s first pin-up style was the Gibson girl, which consisted of a loose pompadour puffed up. It was popular among women during this time because it represented femininity and independence. Victorian hairstyles were very easy to maintain and create a sultry look.

Victorian Updos Hairstyles

A center parting with a braided tail held by clips on both sides is a popular up-do for a Victorian-style bun. The bun is a casual, everyday look, but can be embellished with a light blue ribbon for a more dramatic look. Another Victorian-style bun features uneven bangs in front and a high ponytail at the back. An updo is often decorated with a flower or barret.

Victorian Curls

If you have short, wavy hair, a Gothic Victorian hairstyle with curls might be right for you. Backcombing your hair can help you achieve the look. Simply trim the ends and pin your loose curls around your head. Once you’ve completed this look, you can go out in public with your gorgeous new hairdo. Alternatively, you can create the look at home with hair rollers.

Victorian Curls Hairstyles

For a softer look, the Victorians used hair pieces and padding to add body and volume to their styles. Victorian women also wore their hair loosely back to create a more natural look. These hairstyles look particularly good when combined with a Victorian dress. And if you’d like to make a dramatic statement, you can experiment with different Victorian hairpieces. These are great options for Halloween costumes.

Victorian Backcombing

Adding backcombing to Gothic Victorian hairstyles has become a popular trend. This hairstyle looks very messy is the best way to describe it. Make sure you choose the correct hairband for this style. You should look for bands that can hold shape and elasticity. If you’re unsure about this style, consider backcombing your hair. Here are some examples of backcombed hairstyles.

Victorian Backcombing

If you have long hair, you can make this style work for you. A backcombing style can keep your hair upright and is a great way to create this look. You can also wear it with a corset if you want a romantic look. Gothic Victorian hairstyles can look classy as well, especially if you have short hair. For short hair, you can add curls by using hair rollers.

Victorian Middle Parting

Victorians wore their hair in many intricate ways, with the middle parting featuring prominently. Victorian women rarely wore their hair down, and most of their hair was put up with elaborate plaits or hairpieces. This style was associated with the upper class, and women often used braids to keep it up without curling or using heat. However, there are many variations of this hairstyle. Listed below are the most popular Victorian styles.

Victorian Middle Parting Hairstyles -1
Victorian Middle Parting Hairstyles -2

The first and most common Victorian hairstyles incorporated a center parting. This style remained consistent but became longer, curlier, and more elaborate. Victorians began with simple buns and quickly progressed to big curly hair. This style also featured a center parting but was often kept straight or parted, with a few curls tucked by the side. The hairstyles incorporated more accessories, including clips, combs, and even artificial hair.

Victorian Side Parting

The Gibson Girl, a flamboyant woman in the early years of the Victorian period, exemplified the side parting and thick braids of Gothic Victorian hairstyles. This look was not popular during the Victorian era, but later became the hallmark of many Edwardian and Gothic-inspired looks. The early Victorians also had a penchant for wearing their hair in plaits and buns.

Victorian Side Parting Hairstyles

Throughout the Victorian era, hairstyles continued to evolve and become more romantic. Women wore their hair with curls at the back and long ringlets at the neck. This hairstyle was also often pinned up into a high bun on the back of the head. To create this look, Victorian women would use a curling iron, heated over coals, or a gas heater. Today, you can use the same technique to recreate this style using Marcel tongs. These curling irons can create tiny, tight curls and even add a touch of Victorian style to your beard or mustache.

Victorian Side Curls

The hairstyles of Gothic Victorian women were characterized by loose and curly side parts. Often, these curls were added with a hot iron or a rag to make them look even more dramatic. Side curls and buns were common accessories for Victorian women. The Victorian era gave birth to a huge hair and beauty industry. Here are five of the most popular Gothic Victorian hairstyles.

Victorian Side Curls Hairstyles

The Gibson Girl was a popular Victorian style that influenced many women throughout history. It was invented by illustrator Charles Dana Gibson in 1902 and featured a soft pompadour and a puffed-out cloud effect. This style symbolized laid-back, independent women. It looked beautiful on women and conveyed a carefree, effortless feeling. It is also one of the easiest Victorian hairstyles to recreate today.


When choosing a hairstyle, consider the period you are trying to imitate. Gothic Victorian and gothic styles are characterized by dark fantasy, somber colors, and elaborate hair accessories. While the Victorian era is often associated with gloom and darkness, goths prefer the sensual beauty and sensual attire of past decades. These are just a few examples of hairstyles to get your Gothic on!

Gothic hairstyles aren’t for everyone. Many gothic women prefer to have their hair back combed. This style can produce enormous results! You can also choose short Gothic hairstyles. The backcombing of your hair is a major gothic trend, so make sure you use a comb or roller to achieve the look. You should then pin the loose curls at the back and around your head.


Gothic hairstyles can be very messy and require special care. They are typically long, but they can be styled with curling irons, razor-cut ends, and even extensions. You’ll also need to invest in a high-quality hair band that will hold the shape of the style and still retain some elasticity. Gothic hairstyles may be expensive, but they are worth it! Try out these styles! You’ll surely feel like a goth!

A sleek, back-combed style is another popular Gothic look. A sleek back will create a dramatic and striking look that’s suitable for both men and women. This look goes well with both short and long hair. You can experiment with different hair dyes for this look. If you want to wear your hair in a unique way, you can dye it black or use dark purple. This hairstyle will make you stand out in a crowd.


Genderless style is a popular trend in Japan, which aims to promote equality through fashion. Some fashion styles are genderless, while others are simply gender-neutral. For instance, the Gibson Girl look is a popular Victorian hairstyle. But not all styles are created equal – some styles are gender-specific, while others are gender-neutral. There are many different styles that fall into both categories.

Long golden-hued hair with an undercut and bangs on the side is the main element of this style. Victorian-style hair was short and wavy. To add volume, Victorian women often wore a ratt, which was a loose comb held in a hair receiver on their vanity tables. The ratts were used to fluff hair and create a balanced silhouette.


How To Do Gothic Victorian Hairstyles?

Whether you have long or short hair, you can achieve gothic Victorian hairstyles with a little backcombing and curling. If you have long hair, it will be necessary to trim it for this look. If your hair is short, use hair rollers to create loose curls and pin them on the back of your head.