Victorian Hairstyles

The simplicity and the subdued beauty of the Victorian hairstyles are timeless. The main features of this style are the sharp side bang, back brushing, and curls all around. You can add a flower hair band or clip a small flower onto your tresses. The hairstyle is easy to maintain and does not involve much time or effort. A simple country Victorian hairstyle is an ideal choice for those who do not want a fussy style.

Victorian Hairstyles


If you’re a fan of the Victorian era, you can achieve a look that will take you right back to the era’s time. Victorian hairstyles often featured loose, wavy, or curly locks, but you can still get the look without spending too much time styling. The basic technique for creating these looks is to start with a poof at the top of the head and then pin a few pieces of hair to the sides. The result is a voluminous bouffant.

A simple Victorian updo can be easily created with natural texture or with a curling iron. First, apply some conditioning cream to damp hair to make it smooth. Next, gather your hair into four to six sections and secure them with clips. Then, take one section at a time and roll it up vertically with the help of hair spray. Leave the hairstyle on for 30 to 60 seconds, and then gently brush it out.

A hot iron was also an important invention in the Victorian era. With it, women could easily style their straight hair. Crimping irons feature parallel heated plates and a flat S-shaped repeating groove. You can use this tool to create a crimp across the entire length of hair, or simply shape the front section. Crimping irons can be used on dry hair. Then, add a pin-tail comb, and your hairstyle will look just like the era’s era!


Subdued Victorian hairstyles were often messy but aesthetically pleasing. Women wore their hair back with oil and elaborate knots or curls. Men wore short hair swept to one side. Men also used Macassar hairspray to keep their style neat and tidy. Face hair was also kept short, with sideburns, moustaches, and even the occasional short beard.

The Victorians viewed their hair with more sentimental importance. They generally grew it their entire lives and focused on it as their crowning glory and beauty. Young girls wore their hair untidy and often in braids, but as they reached their adolescence, they began to pin it up in elaborate hairdos. The Victorian hairstyle has become associated with a Victorian stereotype of repressed women.

Subdued Victorian hairstyles have a romantic aura and can make you feel like an elegant lady. The era is often associated with Victorian culture and uptight patriarchal values, so it is not surprising that the Victorian style has come back around again. These styles are great for a romantic date or a special occasion, and the era’s fashion has come full circle. There are several ways to achieve the look, but they all have a Victorian feel.


If you want to emulate the look of the 1800s, subtly incorporate Victorian hairstyles into your wardrobe. Victorian styles incorporate elaborate buns, which were usually pinned at the base of the neck. The buns were typically made of plaits, braids, and coils and could be quite elaborate. Victorian women often wore their hair in a bun, as it was deemed a salacious fashion choice for mixed company and for their children. You can try a simplified version of this Victorian hairstyle, like a tri-braid.

If you are looking for ideas to incorporate Victorian hairstyles into your wardrobe, consider the views of Michel Foucault, a cultural theorist who has written a book about social surveillance. He describes the idea of a docile body as an example of how power can be exercised through the body. According to Foucault, power acts through the body to shape our behavior and how we present ourselves to the world. Victorian dinner parties, social calling practices, and appropriate Victorian hairstyles are all examples of the way power affects individuals.

The most prominent example of a subtly Victorian hairstyle is the one worn by the elegant Victorian Lady Holding A Fan. This hairstyle is very striking and demonstrates the power of hair braiding. Her hair is piled high with beads and braids, and her updo is held in place with a golden crown comb. She is wearing a delicate pale pink gown with a lace top and a long skirt.


If you’re looking for a romantic, Victorian hairstyle, then this article is for you! Elegant Victorian hairstyles were popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and were often worn by famous women of the day. These hairstyles are timeless and flatter all hair colors. Victorian women often adorned their hair with hair accessories like flowers or hats. You can match the color of your bun with your outfit. Black hair with a black gown is like something out of a fairy tale.

One of the most popular Victorian hairstyles was the sash updo. This style was popular before the Civil War and featured long sash-like loops that covered the ears. This hairstyle is simple to pull off and takes very little effort, and it’s easy to recreate at home! To create this style, apply Suave Professionals Avocado+Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Cream on your hair, and loosen two sections in the front of your head. Use a pin-tail comb or similar tool to get a precise partition. A line at the bridge of your nose should be drawn between the two pieces.

Another elegant Victorian hairstyle is the braided chignon. This hairstyle is opulent, and it looks gorgeous in the Victorian era. The hair is tied up in the back, with braids and beads in the back. A gold crown comb secures the look. Her outfit is light rose pink, with an elongated bodice and a wide, puffy skirt. Adding a few lace flowers and pearls to the bun makes this hairstyle even more elegant.

Easy To Create

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your hair look elegant and period-appropriate, try this tutorial. This style requires a bobby pin, curler, and dry shampoo. This tutorial shows you how to create a country Victorian hairstyle with a side bang. Then, back-brush the rest of your hair to create soft curls. Clip flowers to the ends of the hair to create a cute Victorian-style hairband.

One of the easiest Victorian hairstyles is a messy updo. A messy updo can be achieved by using your natural texture or using a curling iron. Twist large strands into an updo. The hairstyle can be pulled quite tight, but do not pull it too tight or you’ll risk compromising the curls’ shape. Another easy Victorian updo is a Victorian princess updo. To get the look, twist two pieces of your hair at the front into a low crown. Use clear hair ties to blend in with your style.

Another easy Victorian hairstyle is a French Chignon. This style is an elegant version of the ponytail. This style involves twisting or rolling the hair in a low bun. It can look very formal and elegant. Try it for yourself if you want to feel like a Victorian era royalty. It’s easy to create and you can start wearing it as soon as you’re finished! The next time you’re wearing an elegant Victorian-era hairstyle, don’t forget to apply some hairspray.

In the 1860s, hair was the fashion of the day, and Victorian women were no exception. Whether they wore their hair up or down, the Victorians knew how to style it with style and class. Victorian women often wore coiffures, which took hours to perfect. To keep their long locks in place, Victorian and Edwardian women would go through a nighttime hair routine that would include brushing, massaging the scalp, and braiding the hair.

Edwardian women’s hairstyles were romantic, with a fullness of the hair accentuated by backcombing and the use of ‘rats’ or hair pads. As the Roaring Twenties began, women departed from the traditional ways of life and went to barbers for bob haircuts and shorter skirts. The influence of Hollywood was most visible in the late thirties, when hairstyles were influenced by movie stars.

Most Victorian hairstyles don’t require a lot of styling, but you can achieve a similar look with minimal effort. Use a leave-in conditioner, like Suave Professionals Avocado+Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Cream, to soften the hair and smooth the front portion. Next, gather the hair and style it into a loose half updo, or half-downdo. Then, use a curling iron to blend the extensions and the natural hair.

Used To Increase Volume

As the Victorians sought to look their best, they created elaborate braided hairstyles. Often, they used human hair to add volume. Victorian women were concerned with their overall body silhouette, so they did not wear their hair loose or down. Nonetheless, some wore their hair in waves and added flowers to it. In addition to their hairstyles, Victorians often wore their facial hair in various ways, from a small chignon to a full wig.

When Queen Victoria took power in the year 1837, she embraced the fashions of the day. Her hair was usually parted in the center and pulled back to the sides, revealing as much of her face as possible. Victorians believed that a wide forehead was a sign of virtue, and a woman with large hair had a higher profile than those with a narrower forehead. The Victorians also believed that women with wide foreheads were attractive and could withstand any kind of criticism.

Women sported this style in the 1870s and the 1800s, and it was very popular during these eras. The Victorians often used beauty aids and hired servants to create a dramatic appearance. Their hairstyles were strictly enforced, with the emphasis on a center parting, slicked-back look, and hair in front of the ears. Victorian hairstyles are used to add volume and added texture to the hair.


Is Victorian Style Coming Back?

Victorian style is making a comeback in some parts of the United States. This elegant and ornate look is both timeless and chic. You can incorporate it into your home with some modern pieces, too.