Cheerleader Hairstyles For Cheerleading – Popular Styles

There are countless hairstyles for cheerleading, but one of the most classic looks is the pigtail. This style suits all hair lengths and is easy to make, allowing cheerleaders to focus on the routine before the game. Other classic cheer hairstyles include gentle waves and pigtails. Here are some tips for creating a cheerleader-worthy look. Listed below are the best hairstyles for cheerleading.


When it comes to cheerleading hairstyles, ponytails are one of the easiest to achieve. The trick is to keep them about the same height. If they are too high, they may look childish and unprofessional. Then, tie them in ribbons or curl them with a curling iron. If you want to create a textured look, braid them. It looks great with white lace dresses and stilettos.

There are several types of cheer hairstyles, and you can find one that is perfect for you. Ponytails are easy to achieve and can be worn to games, pep rallies, or competitions. Start at the base of your hairline and work your way up to the top. Secure it with an elastic hair tie and add a hair bow if you want. You can also add a hair bow to your pigtail to add more flair.

Cheerleader Ponytail Hairstyles For Cheerleading

The best ponytail hairstyles feature a ponytail in the center. This will make it easier for you to tease the hair. You can use a hairspray to hold the hairstyle together. You can also use thick hair ties and bobby pins to secure it. However, ponytail hairstyles with bows are typically best done with smoother hair. If you’re unsure of the style you want, you can always take the help of a cheerleader to help you get started.

Another type of cheerleading hairstyle is the poof. These were very popular with the Spirit of Texas girls, but they were difficult to maintain. They believed that the higher their hair was, the closer they were to heaven. However, poof hairstyles didn’t lend themselves to many options. Most cheerleaders chose to wear their hair down or in a ponytail. While this hairstyle may not look the best on you, it’s very easy to achieve.


The classic pigtail is one of the most popular cheerleading hairstyles, but you can play around with the position of the ponytail to add style and fun. A super-high pony is cute, while a low one gives you a more modern look. But whatever hairstyle you choose, remember to keep it practical and fun! Pigtail hairstyles can be easily paired with a cheer uniform, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them!

Cheerleader Pigtail Hairstyles For Cheerleading

The top half of the hair should be straight and smooth, with the tail twisted or curled. To add a little extra bounce to the tail, use a curling iron. Make sure to follow these tips so that your hairstyle is perfect for the sport. And don’t forget to use a leave-in conditioner. You’ll look even more fabulous if your pigtail is shaped like a heart.

The classic pigtail is still the most practical cheerleading hairstyle and works for all hair lengths. They’re easy to create and will give you plenty of time to focus on the cheer routine. Another cool cheer hairstyle is a simple poof, which is the most common type of ponytail. Then, simply comb the back of the front strand, pinning it down to the base of the ponytail. Then, use hairspray to keep it looking long and smooth.


Buns can be a fun, classic updo for cheerleading. Whether it is for a game, pep rally, or competition, there’s a hairstyle that will look perfect! First, gather the hair into a high ponytail, using matching elastic. Wrap the tail around the base of the topknot and pin it in place with bobby pins. Then, add a bow clip in the center to complete the look.

Cheerleader Bun Hairstyles For Cheerleading

A cheerleader’s hairstyle needs to serve several functions. First, it must keep her hair out of her face. Cheerleaders often perform risky stunts, so hair that falls into their eyes must stay out of their way to prevent serious injury and irreversible damage. This is why most cheerleaders wear hairstyles with many layers, such as braids, ponytails, and buns. They also need to be comfortable and easy to maintain.

Besides the appropriate hairstyles, cheerleaders also need to look beautiful and fashionable. While cheerleading is a non-sanctioned sport, it still requires special care when choosing cheerleading hairstyles. The right make-up and hair accessories are important to achieve the look you want. If you are not sure about which hair accessories are allowed, consult with your team’s rulebook. Remember that hair accessories must be firmly attached to the hair and must not threaten visibility.

Choppy Hairstyles

Choppy hairstyles for cheerleading are a popular choice for cheerleaders, and they will surely impress the crowd.

Choppy hairstyles are easy to achieve and add a lot of volume to thin hair. They also frame the face beautifully, adding a touch of texture to the look. And because they’re easy to do, even a novice can achieve them! There’s no need to be embarrassed to wear a choppy hairstyle because it is not hard to achieve. If you’ve never tried a choppy hairstyle before, you can start from scratch and create something beautiful and enviable.

Cheerleader Choppy Hairstyles For Cheerleading

If you’re not sure which choppy hairstyles look best on you, try trying different styles to find the one that works best for you. The key to a choppy hairstyle is to find the right cut for your face shape. A round face may look overpowered with too many layers, and a high forehead might be overwhelmed by too much volume. Also, choppy haircuts are best for girls with straight hair, and women with curly or wavy hair should discuss this with a hairstylist before deciding which one to try. Choppy haircuts are fun, easy to style and add a dash of glam to any outfit.

For a more casual look, try a center-parted messy lob. If you have straight, fine hair, opt for an inverted mid-length bob. This style provides volume and frames the face. And it’s easy to maintain at all times! You’ll be the envy of every cheerleader at the cheerleading competition! Choppy hairstyles for cheerleading will be a great choice for the whole squad.

Bun With Curling Iron

A classic bun for cheerleaders is simple and easy to pull off. The hair should be smooth and straight, but the tail should have some bounce to it. Use a curling iron to create a beautiful curl pattern on the tail. Then, pin it up with bobby pins. If you’d like a different look, braid the hair and add curls with a curling iron.

Cheerleader Bun With Curling Iron Hairstyles For Cheerleading

A messy bun hairstyle is another easy one to do. All you need is a comb and a rubber band to secure your bun in place. The loose strands will frame your face and add a little voluminous volume. Afterward, loose strands can frame your face. A bun with a curling iron is one of the most versatile hairstyles for cheerleaders. This style can also be worn by girls who don’t have a lot of time to style their hair.


What Are The Most Popular Cheerleader Hairstyles For Cheerleading?

The Most Popular Cheerleader Hairstyles For Cheerleading are ponytails, pigtails, buns, choppy and more.